Martin E. Brooks CD A Life Filled With Love

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There Is A Someone
(with the Bumps Blackwell Band)

Martin is pleased to announce the release of his first CD entitled A Life Filled With Love. The CD contains 10 tracks, all written and performed by Martin that he recorded back in the 1960s. Each track features an introduction by Martin. The CD features photos of Martin performing in the musical Say Darling, and comes with a 4 page insert, featuring more photos and notes from Martin about the making of the CD.


1. There Is A Someone
2. There Is A Someone (with Bumps Blackwell Band)
3. I Will Call You on The Telephone
4. Turtle Dove
5. Eskimo Kiss
6. I Forgive You
7. How Do I Know?
8. Please Don't Go
9. How Sad
Bonus Track:
A Life Filled With Love

The CD is available, both signed and unsigned, on our online Store.

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